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Tissue Culture Consultation

Cannadabis has developed proprietary and highly sought after tissue culture methods specifically for cannabis applications.

These methods are based upon decades old horticultural practices that have been essential for the sterile propagation of ornamental and food cultivars.


Unlock the Full Potential of Cannabis Tissue Culture with Our Proven Consultation Services

Are you in the cannabis industry and seeking a reliable and experienced consultant for tissue culture? Look no further! Our specialized consultation services for cannabis tissue culture offer you unparalleled expertise and commercially viable solutions that are backed by real-world experience. Unlike other consultants who rely solely on their degrees and theoretical knowledge, we have successfully implemented our methods in commercial settings, delivering tangible results to our clients.

Here's what sets us apart:

  1. Commercially Viable Methods: We understand the importance of proven techniques that work in a commercial environment. While other consultants may rely on theoretical knowledge alone, we have hands-on experience implementing commercially viable methods. Our expertise is grounded in practical application, ensuring that our clients achieve success in their tissue culture endeavors.
  2. Streamlined Storage Protocol: Say goodbye to the hassle of strain-specific storage protocols. Our revolutionary single protocol for storage allows you to store cannabis tissue cultures for up to 6-12 months without the need for subculture. Unlike other consultants who promote strain-specific protocols that lack commercial viability, our approach provides a cost-effective and efficient solution. No more wasting resources on optimizing media for individual strains - our protocols are optimized from the start.
  3. Commercially Scalable Micropropagation: Efficient micropropagation is essential for the scalability of your cannabis cultivation operations. We have developed and perfected methods that are specifically tailored for commercial production. With our guidance, you can significantly increase your propagation efficiency, ensuring a consistent supply of healthy and genetically identical plantlets.
  4. Proven Pathogen Remediation: High levels of virus and fungal pathogens can devastate your cannabis crops. Our consultation services offer you proven methods for Hop Latent Viroid (HLVD) and effective pathogen remediation. We understand the importance of keeping your plants healthy and disease-free, and we provide you with the tools and knowledge to combat these threats effectively.
  5. International Shipping and High-Density Plant Shipment: Expand your reach and tap into global markets with our expertise in international shipping. We have developed reliable methods to ensure the safe and efficient transport of high-density plant shipments. Our protocols adhere to international regulations and best practices, giving you peace of mind while your plants travel across borders.
  6. Efficient and Health Canada Compliant Record Keeping: Regulatory compliance is a crucial aspect of any cannabis-related business. Our consultation services include guidance on efficient and Health Canada compliant record keeping. We help you establish robust systems that streamline documentation, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and facilitating smooth operations.
  7. Comprehensive Solution Provider: As one of the only proven systems in Canada that covers all the aforementioned aspects, we offer you a comprehensive range of services. Whether you need assistance with storage, micropropagation, pathogen remediation, shipping, or record keeping, we are your trusted partner for all your cannabis tissue culture needs.

Don't settle for mediocre consultants who lack real-world experience. Choose our proven consultation services to unlock the full potential of cannabis tissue culture in your operations. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and take the first step towards achieving sustainable success in the cannabis industry.


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